Leigh Ankrum: "How Are You Wearing Your Trauma?"

Ankrum Institute‘s founder and director, Leigh Ankrum, is a Functional Bodywork practitioner with 35 years of experience in teaching and private practice.  After decades of training around the world, she has brought together multiple modalities into one comprehensive, paradigm-shifting program that takes students through every system of the body in just over two years.  Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is deepened by her holistic understanding of the body’s organizing principles.

Leigh will be speaking at The Holistic Wellness Event, Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at approximately 10:15am. **

About “How Are You Wearing Your Trauma?”

Leigh’s extensive education in Trauma and her experiential knowledge of how Trauma shows up in the body throughout her 34 years as a practitioner, bring a new perspective on how  each person “wears’ their Trauma. She looks forward to sharing with you her findings so that you may start recognizing your own body’s Trauma and how you can access your health to create wholeness.

Erin Martin: "Food is Medicine."

Erin Martin’s passion for helping others started at fifteen when she started working in a retirement community. Today, Erin holds a Masters degree in Gerontology from the University of Southern California, the first and #1 Gerontology school in the world. In 2017, Erin founded Conscious Aging Solutions to connect others with preventative and conscious approaches to longevity. She is certified in Regenerative Soil Advocacy through Kiss the Ground and is passionate about spreading the gospel of food is medicine and the link to soil health. Erin is the President of the Tulsa Urban Ag Coalition and the director of Oklahoma’s FreshRx Food is Medicine program. 

Erin will be speaking at The Holistic Wellness Event, Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at approximately 11:15am. **

About “Food is Medicine.”

Is all food medicine? What is nutrient density and how does it vary? FreshRx Oklahoma is the first produce prescription program in the nation to solely source local, nutrient-dense produce. Learn how it’s done and how you can get access to best food on the planet!

Andrea Reed: "Rewriting Your Story."

About “Rewriting Your Story.”

In this guided Ancestral Clearing session, learn how the experiences of our past can be limiting us in the present.  And how to resolve them.

Andrea Reed grew up knowing that the body can heal itself.

As a child, she witnessed her mother heal herself after a decade long “incurable” illness using nutrition. This inspired Andrea to seek a profession that empowers and equips people with the tools to heal and stay well.

For decades, Andrea worked with customer and clients in North America and Europe, using nutrition to improve the physical aspects of their health. But she felt that there was something missing. Her introduction to Ancestral Clearing provided that missing piece.

Andrea is now a master practitioner who guides her clients through these powerful processes that help free them from the stresses of the past so they can move forward to live the lives they came here to live.

Andrea will be speaking at The Holistic Wellness Event, Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at approximately 1:15pm. **

**  Please Note:  Times are approximate and subject to change on the day.