The Oklahoma Center for Wellness

The Vision:

An all-inclusive wellness center providing the opportunity for individuals and groups to learn how to heal themselves in order to live long, fulfilled, sustainable lives.

The Mission:

  1. To provide a physical location as an example of sustainable, natural, holistic, spiritual, and self-sufficient living.

  2. To educate guests through providing services and hands-on workshops and lectures with regards to growing your own food organically, cooking with clean ingredients, using non-toxic, renewable, and sustainably sourced building materials, using non-toxic household and cleaning items, healing yourself with food, supplements, and various natural remedies, therapies and treatments, and more.

  3. To partner with educational institutions providing school tours and education on community gardens and general nutrition for children.

  4. To provide the resources for guests to take what they have learned back to their own homes and communities for implementation, should they choose to do so.

  5. To be a local, living economy.

  6. To set an example that it is possible (and easy!) to live conscious, sustainable, heart-based lives in harmony and community with each other.

  7. To provide a working environment based on respect for self, humanity, nature, the animal kingdom, and the planet.

  8. To create a starting point (springboard) for new ideas and ways of living to develop and evolve.

How You Can Help:
Donate:  Learn more here.

Volunteer:  Have a passion for wellness and sustainability?  Volunteer your time and support our non-profit!  We could use help in all areas from accounting, non profit management, grant writing, to helping at vendor booths and bag stuffing before events.  Contact Andrea for details.